My Irreplaceables

” No one is irreplaceable” so they say.. well “they” are wrong!

We all have our irreplaceables, just close your eyes for a moment, try to picture your life without a certain person..If  it’s impossible, you found your irreplaceable.

I cannot imagine my life without them, my irreplaceables, and I am sure it wouldn’t be much of a life in their absence. They include my parents, my sisters, my brother, some more dear family, lovely neighbors and only a couple of friends. They are my joy, my strength, my world. Every moment with them is a treasure I keep engraved in my memory: every smile, every tear, every quarrel, every accident, every tragedy, every look, every lesson… You’d be surprised of how much you can remember and how long small things stay with you, things you considered silly, a T-shirt you liked or a food you hated.It’s ok because the way I see it, memories are the fuel that keeps us going, they are the food of the soul. A single memory has the ability to empower you (or destroy for that matter)  forever! This is why Josephine, before leaving Napoleon, emptied her perfume bottle all over his room: she’d be long gone but she made sure her memory haunted him.

I try not to think of the future because I know it means some loss, not necessarily as tragic as death but still a loss in some way: someone leaving because of a job or a husband or whatever… no one can fill their spot, no one can replace them: every loss will leave a hole in my heart. without them I’m only a zombie with a leaking heart!

To all my irreplaceables,  a phrase I always repeat (I’m sure you know) and will never stop using: I love you.


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. ur irreplaceable to all of us!!!! we love uuuu!!!! especially me :$ (L)

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