The Teacher’s Diary: A close one…

One of my oldest shortcomings of all time is the fact that I can’t tell my own left and right!

I know it’s wrong, stupid and embarrassing but I can’t help it! It is a condition I have ever since I was young, probably the result of being forced to write with my right hand instead of the left hand I used naturally..

Sure, I can use both hands to write now (quite helpful on the board..pretty cool too) but that caused a bigger problem: whenever asked to identify my right hand, people automatically say “the hand you write with” ..quite confusing to me don’t you think?

Anyways, this teacher’s blog entry is not about why I can’t identify my right or left side.. It’s about how this almost caused me to become a laughingstock in my own class!

The lesson was about the parts of the heart and I asked a student to go label it on the board after I drew the diagram. She wrote the answer completely WRONG.. but, being me, I was unable to identify the mistake.. and she was so sure of her answer I was positive she was right and didn’t bother to check..Only one student in the class kept looking at me and “secretly” implying she was wrong..when I ignored her she objected vehemently and said her friend got it all wrong.. I called her to the board and asked her to stand and point out her right hand.. The moment she did I realized she was right and I had to find a way to escape the complete embarrassment I was feeling and hoping it won’t show… Then, I congratulated the girl and explained to the class I did it on purpose: they should always fight for what they know is right and never give up no matter what other people said!

Phew! that was so close! As a teacher, I am glad I had the wit to turn the situation to my favor because if I didn’t, I would have lost all respect I had in my class! Thank God for small blessings..


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- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. I heard the story and now that I’ve read it, I prefer the live demonstration with the winking eyes hahahah. Nice save!

  2. $author Thank you for such a wondeful blog.

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