Why Muslim?

This is not a post about anyone else but myself.. This is only my point of view, I’m in no place to consider my words those of a sheikh, or a da3iya.. I’m just a muslim girl, proud to be that, and willing to share why..

I was born muslim of course, in that respect I was quite lucky. Discovering Islam was not so difficult or so outstanding.. I was raised to love the Prophet, to know his teachings and to worship Allah, the one and  only God.

That is not why I’m muslim now, nor why I’m veiled.. In every person’s life comes this moment where he doubts everyone and everything.. especially those teachings he was raised to adore..

I will share this story because I think it was enough  for me to decide I’m going to be muslim for the rest of my life.. It’s Him, His story, the story of our Prophet!

The first time we were told of his story, we were too young to understand its full meaning, too foolish to really appreciate its greatness..

Then, out of habit, all people used to repeat parts of it, just small shreds of greatness that served the purpose of their argument…

I, being a great reader, was intrigued to know more. I read a lot of books from different sources. Then I was able to know the full sides of His personality and character..

Our Prophet began his life as an orphan. His father died before he was born and his mother shortly after.. He was taken in by his grandfather who loved him greatly, but shortly after died too. Next, his guardian was his poor uncle who treated him gently but was too poor to provide for him. He had to work! He became a shepherd when he was too young.. But this was not it.. this is not why I admire my Prophet, why I love Him..

It was His impeccable character: his high ethics and sweet personality..  way before he was Prophet, he was known to be “Al Sadek, Al Amin” which translates to the honest and trustworthy..

I could tell you stories about his kindness in every aspect, his selfless acts, his wisdom…

I could tell you more about how he respected women, and ordered muslims to treat women right..

I could tell you how he won the hearts of people before he appealed to their logic..

I could tell you how he believed so hard in the message he carried that he endured all the harm and how he prevailed…

I could tell you how great a father he was, how faithful a husband, or how true a friend..

I could tell you so many things.. but I won’t..

I will only tell you about his humanity..

When he lost his loved ones, he grieved..

When his boy died, He was saddened..

When he felt lost, he desperately sought help from Allah..

When he wanted to decide something, he asked for opinions..

When he loved, he was jealous..

When he made mistakes, he apologized..

This is why I’m muslim, this is why I want to be muslim till the day I die.. I’m muslim because my Prophet showed me what a human being can become.. with all our human shortcomings, with all the ups and downs of life, He stood tall.. He was Human, but He overcame all that came his way..

He gives me hope everyday.. I want to become a better person because he showed me I can.. I want to try my best and behave like him, because He is the proof it can be done…

This is why I’m muslim.. And proud!


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. Farah This info is worth everyone’s attention. Whencan I find out more?|Is there a second post on this|Is there more to come}

  2. Its excellent as your other articles : D, regards for posting .

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