The Teacher’s Diary: Gifts..

Today was a great day at school. It’s the one day of the year when we take the time to celebrate being teachers, enjoying its rewards and basking in the warmth of gratitude..

This is actually the point: to feel cherished for everything you do, to feel valued and loved..

I remember when we used to wait for this day to give our favorite teacher a carefully chosen, sweetly wrapped gift to let her know how much we loved and cared, how much we appreciated.. It was something we planned eagerly for and we felt great joy reading the faces of our teachers and loving the way we affected them…

Today, I remembered all this when it was my turn to receive the gifts.. I felt saddened that no one takes the time to choose the gift anymore.. the gifts were all lovely, but so impersonal, so… Cold!

Well, almost.

A grade six student personalized all his gifts: to each teacher, he chose what he knows she or he would like.. He gave me a necklace because he noticed I like to wear them, gave his English teacher earrings because she likes them.. He even chose a copper oriental vase for his history teacher!

But the greatest gifts any teacher would receive are heartfelt, honest words that can fill your heart with joy ( and your eyes with tears).

A grade five student, a lovely girl who’s new to the school, bought me a gift like her friends, but did not forget to add her personal touch: a sweet handmade card.

These things do affect us teachers, the words, the love, the appreciation.. It truly makes our day! Sometimes, a sweet word is all it takes!

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- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. Yea, sometimes students forgot that words and daily actions matter more than objects

  2. Satisfying posting. It would appear that a lot of the stages are depending upon the originality aspect.a funny thing about life should you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it…

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