I Want To Be The Sea!

Yes… I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up… I want to become the sea!

I want the reviving freshness that the sea can always inspire…

I want the unexampled generosity with which the sea gives without expecting anything in return…

I want the threatening depth that no one can penetrate or guess the limits…

I want the romantic seduction that lures people into its shores…

I want that sweet calmness that tricks you into comfort… You can say anything to the sea…

I want that violent wrath that no one can escape or tame. You do not mess with the sea…

I want that mystery that is so well hidden beneath its surface, that sweet smooth surface, so shining, so bright… You can never tell what is happening beneath: life, death and everything in between…

I want the ability to take everything life throws at you, the sea can engulf anything: No matter what you throw, the sea stays unchanged, untroubled, uninterested…

I want the power of revenge… You can never know what the sea can throw back or when…

I want to become the sea… Can I?


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. I remembered your post as I was swimming today, it was both inspiring and motivating to me just to keep going. Thank you Farah

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