Ahmed Mekky.. This Is Why I like You!

I will not start this blog entry by any criticism for the art that this Arabic rapper performs. I am not a qualified critic and wouldn’t enter any debate on the value or authenticity of his work. I am writing this to express my own humble opinion.

After this short and necessary disclaimer, let me tell you who he is. “Ahmed Mekky was born on 19th of June 1980. Mekky’s -beduin-grandfather settled in south Algeria. His mother is Egyptian. He settled in Cairo (with his mother) after the incidence of complete parental separation. He studied cinema, specializing in directing. Mekky wrote and directed several short movies, of which got many awards. From there, Mekky took the road of directing as a career. He has worked on the first Egyptian successful set-com “Tamer and Shakwkya”, where he has also played the role of Haytham. Mekky then shifted to the acting career, topping the ladder of the Egyptian cinema stars today. Now, Mekky prepares to take his first steps in the world of rap singing.”  This is a summary I took from his official website (for the full story check http://www.ahmed-mekky.com/)

Although he may be all that, to me, like most of you who actually know him, he is the “Dabbour” character in Morgan Ahmad Morgan (not a movie I like but his small part was great) and mostly, he is the hero of a favorite movie of mine “Tir Enta” (his best performance in this writer’s opinion). This is how I first knew who he is and he will always be these characters for me no matter what he did or will do later on.

His passion for rap seemed obvious all the time. So it is not a surprise to me he is attempting a career in that. And I think he is good, more so if you know how much I absolutely HATE this kind of songs!

This post is to tell you why I like the guy. I Like him because among all singers, actors and famous figures in this pathetic Arabic world of artists who pretend to be original (with an emphasis on pretend) , he is the one who really is original.

I like how he expresses himself in a way unique for him.. he is not the only rapper in the world but, for me, he is the best!

He tells you what an older sister or a father might tell you in a way that a young boy or girl can understand much better, and relate to. He offers his views, his advices, his experiences in a comic and easy way that I admire.

His latest album ” Aslou Arabi” (which means originally Arabic) proves my point. I do not pretend to have heard the whole album and that is not the point. I like the fact that he is going back to his roots: he is Arabic, he knows it, and he is not afraid to admit it.. Better yet, he is showing it off!

I am proud of you Ahmed, proud of your work and I am super proud of the choices you are taking.. You are a true pioneer and a good influence on our misled youth and I like you for that. Can’t wait for your next move. Good Luck!


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- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. I thought u’d mention “el kabir gawi” btw ma byeshbah 7alou bhal photo 😛

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