Bad Year!

That awful comment I’ve heard so often this year, and it’s barely early march!

Is it a bad year?  Let’s see.

As the whole map is changing around us: countries forming, others dividing.. and as the rules of the political game started to change worldwide, caused by a rapid decline in the economy everywhere; we find ourselves in a country that shouldn’t have existed in the first place, trying to regain the thin mockery of a balance that can never be!

Should I elaborate? where would I start?

Do I start with the fact that we are in a country that bases its economy on trades and tourism, but always finds a way to be in war?

Or shall we start with that joke of the so called “politicians”  who can not even succeed in “acting” as if they care about their people?

Maybe it is better to talk about how unique it is to live in a place with so many religious cults and so little religion?

Need I say more? Maybe it is not wise, but I will!

We live in a country where poverty is only a few misfortunes away.

We witness every day how great people are humiliated by nobodies just because they can.. just because these nobodies  know “somebody”!

We live in a democratic country where it doesn’t matter what you think, but who you follow!

We live in a place where killing a religious person is a “mistake”, but mocking another is a “crime”!

We live in a place where you are used to sleeping while the sound of bullets and bombs is all around you.

We live  in a place where you must forget, not learn, from your previous mistakes.

Is it a bad year? The year is not bad, my friends, the time is not to be blamed..

We simply live in a place where life is not possible!


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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