My Passions: Football.. (AKA Soccer)

Let’s get this straight: I don’t play football!

Well, I ‘m sure you’d have guessed that if you know of my struggle with extra weight: It wouldn’t have been a problem, if I did play that physically demanding game, to become nice and fit. Sadly, that’s not the case.

What I really enjoy is watching a good match: cheering, shouting, even giving advices from time to time (not always in a civil way).. For all of this, and much more, it is my idea of quality time.

It started when I was much younger, and decided I need to share some activities with my only brother for him to have a companion in a house full of girls. We did try watching WWE matches, but it did not last long.. I hated the acting and the disturbing violence involved there and soon enough, my brother did too. We switched to watching football. It was a great decision!

Our first league to follow closely was the premier league “Barclay’s”. We were great fans of Arsenal and its star player at the time, Thierry Henry.

Then, as our knowledge and preferences became more elaborate and defined, we found together that the Spanish school of football is what we preferred. We were among the first who ever cheered and backed up the Spanish team in the world cup, even with all their disappointing results. Also,  we switched to the Spanish “La Liga”. We became. and still are, faithful Barca Fans!

This post is not about my history of watching football games. This is about why I’m passionate about watching them. It does not matter what team you cheer for, the reasons are all the same.

I like the enthusiasm it involves, the energy you witness and the fight we can observe.

I enjoy deciphering the strategies played, the tricks and maneuvers and how counter-techniques are used to fight them off..

I love the teamwork it requires for any team to succeed, the beautiful passes and assists, and the wonderful acts of bravery to cut through defenses..

I love the sense of unity a fan feels with his fellow fans all over the world! The team we cheer for is after all “Ours”. We talk in a very possessive way: My team, We Won, We need to concentrate, We should have made a different decision…

I love football and I know it is rare for a girl to enjoy such a sport but I do, greatly !

Are you a fan??


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. i like this post very much

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