My Issues: Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia (from Latin claustrum “a shut in place” and Greek φόβος, phóbos, “fear”) is the fear of having no escape and being closed in small spaces or rooms (opposite: claustrophilia).

It has always been my greatest of all fears, being trapped inside a small, enclosed space with no way out. It bothers me to find myself in a room with all windows and doors closed. I feel i am suffocating, and often end up opening the window, even if it was  winter time, even if it was freezing, raining, and even when it is dusty: a small opening would do to ease my fear.

I am not stupid, nor do i believe my fear is logical, but i still cannot help it. My rational mind always tries to make me feel better and always, always it fails: I do not have panic attacks yet, but I am still afraid.

You can imagine how i feel about elevators, or how happy i would become if I were chained to something. My close family and friends know I fear the rides in the amusement parks. I recently discovered that it is mostly the feeling of being trapped that makes me hate them: I do not claim it is the only reason, I am not a brave person when it comes to heights, or speed; but it is the reason I feel panic and nausea. I felt none of that when I went on a ride in a local, albeit small Ferris wheel. It was because I was not chained to anything! I felt free and happy!

I am not a weak person, but everyone has his weak points. I am trying to discover mine because in my opinion, that is where the real strength is: you knowing every aspect of your personality, and working on becoming the best you can possibly be!



About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. One of the things I share with u but I can’t relate with roller coasters in the amusement park , speaking of which I LOLed cuz I remembered shaghleh…Tzakkartiya??? 😛

  2. The first step in overcoming a problem is to acknowledge it, especially to others as you have done here. In my experience that causes it to lose some of its power over you.

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