My issues: Podophobia

For those of you wondering what that is, here is the definition i found online:

“Podophobia is an irrational fear of feet. This fear can be of the person’s own feet or feet of someone else’s.The fear can have different side effects such as fear of stepping in shoe shops or even shops that sell socks. The fear can also be feet in general (Ex. looking at feet) or of looking and/or touching bare feet.”

Now u see the last sentence? Thats me! I just loathe to look or touch bare feet.. mine or anyone else’s..
This may be an additional reason why i like winter: people are forced to hide their feet in socks and shoes.

I especially hate when people touch their feet.. i can’t even begin to express how much this makes me sick to the stomach..
Until very recently, i did not know this case i have is a type of certified phobia and other people may have it as well..
To my fellow podophobic friends i only say.. God bless the socks!!!


About Farah

- Heavy reader (literally). - Scientist in process. - Veiled Muslim (alhamdoulillah).

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  1. Finally I found a definition for my case. I judge people by their feet. The moment I meet someone I instantly look at the feet. That helps me make my first impression.

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