The Teacher’s Diary: How teaching taught me lessons

It is not often people understand the fact that getting a degree, finding a job, and building a future does not mean you have the answers to all the questions. It is plainly logical to me that a person is alive only if he learned a bit every day.

In my early education years, once I figured I would irrevocably become a teacher, I came across a quote I really liked and used in my final project:
“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” ~ Richard Henry Dann.
Although this may seem odd to you, I never fully understood this until I became a teacher.
The fact that each year, a student(or many) will help you become a better teacher is not an illusion, it’s a fact. There is only one condition for this to work though: you must let them..
Over time, I noticed how stubborn and unyielding teachers may become; they would get “used” to teaching in “their way” so much that they will think it is THE way to teach.. they would even try to convince you to try it, after all it did “work” for them for so many years.. it must be the “right” way..
Teacher all over the world, my message to you (and me ) would be this: Never forget that teaching involves two sides, and to be stuck on your side for so long will compromise your ability to inspire.. isn’t that why we teach in the first place? Inspire?

This year was full of challenges, both on the personal and professional levels, but the most exceptional thing happened: I  learnt a few valuable lessons from my students that made it worth while..

I learnt how much my country is important to me, even when i try to deny it, even when i hate it, even when i wish i can leave it… I learnt that from a little grade 6 amazing girl who was syrian and who left school. She said to me before school ended: “You are supposed to endure the bad things in your country. Because it is yours, you are lucky to be home!” I felt humbled and took what she said, carved it into my heart, so that I can always rely on it whenever my country depresses me.. Thank you sweet Mona!

I learnt compassion is ageless.. at a time where my mom was struggling with a respiratory disease that kept her away from us ( and caused my absence from school at times) I was surprised with the reaction of a grade 7 student, who kept asking every day, until one day he told me: “I pray that your mom goes home soon, I can’t imagine my home without mom!” I felt human, and once again humbled by the sweet prayer: it meant so much to the tired, overworked, overdepressed teacher i was back then. I really appreciate it Rachid!

I learnt I am more than just a teacher, to some students I was an example! Students are smarter than you think (beware!) And every once in a while, you’d be surprised by a student who will stand up to you and say: “if that was true, why don’t you do it?” You would feel ashamed because you dared preach what you are not in fact applying.. for that lesson, I am grateful to you Majd..

My discovery of the year is finally this: I am in debt to all of my students, because they helped me become a better teacher- and a better person. As a matter of fact, I highly have a single doubt anymore that teaching is a one way highstreet.. it actually goes both ways!



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  1. I’m an outgoing person 23yrs old,I’ve been thinking about being a teacher since I graduated in high school.I kept putting the thought away and took other courses in college but well I’m not happy at all.I’m just afraid myb I’m not thinking straight,will I be happy or decide on another career later in the future,won’t it be too late.I’m just confused and need advice on what to consider before I decide!


    • I can only tell you based on my experience.. it is not the easy path if that is what you seek. Building relationships with students and shaping up the person they will become is one of the most exhausting and demanding jobs on earth! It is a noble way to spend your days and it is rewarding (only not financially). I hope i made it easier for you to decide. Best of luck 🙂

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