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The Teacher’s Diary: The magic of water 💧💧💧

Let me explain to you, in a few words, the magic of water…

Water looks so harmless, so calm and is always flexible but never allows outside pressure to change its volume…

Water flows easily, but always leaves its trace along the way, carving the hardest rocks with little fuss…

Water is so engulfing, it can dissolve all kinds of substances, the vile and the most fragrent ones all the same…

Water carries a lot of weight on its surface, it makes things lighter and easier to manage…

Water is best when it is clear, no colors or tastes to limit its influence…

For all this, and much more, my message to teachers all over the world is to simply be like water.. You will have the power to change the world once you understand, and use, the magic of water!


10 reasons why being “overweight” is a bliss!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m overweight and I know all the secrets!

  • Reason 1: The Invisibility. Surprisingly, the more you weigh the less people notice you! I know it’s a bit confusing but it’s a fact. You could be passing by, talking, or just standing and people tend to ignore you. Maybe they think it’s contagious!
  • Reason 2: The Guiltless-ness.  No ” I can’t eat this” or ” I wish I can have those”.. You can eat what you want whenever you want them. After all, who will notice a few extra pounds?
  • Reason 3: Fashion- Stress free. You already know how you’ll look in anything you wear. No worries, just pick anything you like.
  • Reason 4: The Peace. No one can make you move faster. You move the way you want, whenever you want…. no rush: People actually expect you to be slow, why disappoint them?
  • Reason 5: The Strength. When bothered, all those extra pounds will come in handy, just threaten you’d step on their feet or something and wait for pure fear in their faces.. There you have it! You won!
  • Reason 6: The “Space” card. Whenever you don’t feel like going, throw in this card. “not enough space for me to go”. no one will ask any questions or insist, how could they?
  • Reason 7: The Compliments. Believe it or not this is a very common aspect of our “condition”. People always think they have to find something nice to say about you: “beautiful face” or ” lovely eyes” or “Smart” or “funny”… Not bad!
  • Reason 8: The Protection. Against being pushed, falling, Breaking bones and so on.. The fat layers act like “cushions” that would break your fall and protect you from harm.
  • Reason 9: The warmth. You rarely feel cold and need little clothing to protect you in those freezing nights. The fat layers in action again. Pretty cool hah?
  • Reason 10: The Coolness. You learn to feel nothing when people comment, you learn to joke about yourself before they do and whenever you hear a nasty comment, you tend to ignore and move on..Survival instincts call for adaptation you see..

Pity you ” underweight” people can’t have this..Don’t worry it’s never too late, you can join this club any day you want!