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My Issues: The Pursophobia

This started way back when I was a young girl. It amazed me how women were able to carry their purses and the treasures you can find there! I mean things you’d never think can fit in a purse, unimaginable, extraordinary things! I always wondered how women always find what they need at the right moment.The purse for me represented the ultimate mystery of Womanhood.

During my awkward teenage years, I felt it useless to try and be feminine with all those extra pounds that made me invisible, so I didn’t bother. It also helped that I was always with family whenever we were out and If need be, my mother’s purse was there.

When I graduated and went to University, I felt carrying a purse is a burden. I was barely able to carry my books in my large bag that contained all I needed and often wondered how my friends pulled it off carrying their books AND their purses. I mean wow!

Now, as a grown and mature woman, I face this problem everyday: I have to carry a purse! Those of you who know me are bound to notice how awkwardly I carry mine. At work, I can easily avoid that, I can bring my “book bag” and it would be enough.. But there comes a moment in every girl’s life when a purse is required to complete her “image”… I always dread those moments, but they always come…

I’m sorry dear sisters.. I mean no disrespect, it’s not a way to insult you or anyone else but everyday I wish purses become out of date! I mean no one needs another reason to feel unfit in this world of high expectations right??