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Hello world!

This is my first blog ever! I was, in a way, pushed to do it even though the thought occurred to me  so many times for so many reasons.

Thanks to my sister/best friend Mimi I now have a place to empty my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Why would I want to go public with that? I figured why not?

Would I regret it? Maybe. Yet what don’t we regret these days?

It happens to be Ramadan now, my favorite  month of the year. Time for religion, family bonding and- well- Food! All the more reason why i love this month. But I have another reason to love Ramadan, a reason of my own. I love it because it’s the month of the moon.

The night I began this blog, I took a shot of the moon  from the kitchen window. Every time I see the moon, I understand all the romantic stories people told about it a bit better. I love the moon for all it represents: a spot of light in total darkness, a stubborn reminder of constant hope against all odds. I love how it changes aspects and shape, how it disappears sometimes then comes back as bright as ever. I love how sure we are of it being there, even when it’s cloudy and its light isn’t that bright. I even love the way it seems to be following us all the time when we are moving never once giving up or letting go, never offended by us turning our back against it.

It doesn’t even bother me that its light is not authentic but borrowed from the sun. Why would it bother me when the sun is casting its rays anyway and all the moon does is reflect some of them to places they are needed.

Thank you Moon. I know you don’t need my thanks nor expect it but I thank you anyway for making our lives a bit brighter.