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“عينك على عكار”

اكتب اليوم وقد مر زمن على تلك المغامرة.. قد انسى تفاصيلا صغيرة أو شخصيات شاركتنااحداثها لكنني لن انسى شعور الهدوء الذي احسه حتماً كل من مشى تلك الدروب المتعرجة اللامتناهية، شاقاً طريقه بين جبال عظيمة شامخة مكسوة بالاشجار، مكللة بالغيوم

قد يعني البعض ان اذكر تفصيلا مملا للاماكن التي زرناها، وكل ما حدث او لم يحدث في ذلك النهار الصيفي الطويل.. لكنني سأكتفي بان اسم وجهتنا ابى الا ان يكون بسيطا بساطة من يدرك ان الاسماء مجرد قشور بشرية لا تعني شيئا

ما سر عظمتك عكار؟

أسحر نبع عذب يشق طريقه بصعوبة ليسقي ظمأ الأرض ويروي العطشى؟

أم عبق السنديان يغمرك ويملأ رئتيك التي اثقلها تلوث المدينة؟

أم ربما طعم حبة توت برية تقطفها من ناصية الطريق وتأكلها ثم لا تستطيع نسيانه؟

أهو فخر فلاح بجنى يومه من السماق الاحمر اللذيذ يسوّقه لك باعتزاز وثقة؟

أم جمال زهرة برية تتحدى الصعاب لتسمو بقامتهاالصغيرة وتنشر بهاء الوانها بفخر؟

أهو اغراء تفاحة حمراء حفرت برائحتها وطعمها مكانا مميزا في ذاكرتك؟

أم لذة منقوشة عجنتها اياد خيرة تسكت جوعك وتغمر حواسك؟

أهو صوت السكينة الذي لا يقاطعه سوى وقع قدميك على الارض؟

أم عذرية غابات غناء لوّنها الخريف بعشوائية لافتة؟

عذرا عكار.. ليس كافيا ما قلت وما سأقول

لكنني معذورة.. فسحر سطوتك ما يزال حتى الان يربكني ويغريني بالمزيد

عيني على عكار؟ بل روحي هائمة هناك بين صخورها تنادي.. أغداً القاك؟؟





Shoot as you walk side of the story

It’s been a while now since I attended my first “shoot as you walk” event with “We Love Tripoli” people. To tell you the truth, I was not quite certain I would ever repeat it.. let me first explain that ever since we were kids, old Tripoli with all its charm and souks and corners was familiar to us: mom used to take us with her whenever she went. Then when we became older, the school’s history teacher- Ahmad Barakeh- so passionate about history, organized several field trips and introduced many of the ancient relics of the city.
So, I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new or to find an attraction I did not have for the beautiful old city. but I attended anyway, out of curiosity and out of respect for the enthusiasm the guys showed. Mainly, I attended because my sister Ymn wanted to and I would accompany her anywhere, no questions asked. The trips became revolved around me waiting for her to take shots or finish talking to someone or pack something… It became for me an event of “follow Ymn as she shoots”.

Soon, however, the trips began to interest me: I discovered new/old corners that I never noticed before, it became easy to put a name tag for streets and places previously unknown to me.. I rarely took photographs, and when I did I found it silly since at least  10 other people took variants of the same shot.. I soon lost interest in “shooting” and took interest in the walk itself. The companionship I found there was amazing: how people, complete strangers, can find common grounds then build a friendship amazed me. I think this is where these trips succeeded the most: introducing perfect strangers to each other with only one passion in common: Tripoli.

I consider myself lucky now when I think about the new friendships I made. Taha Naji, Hassan Osmani, Ghaida Bakri, Nour Kabbara, Omar Mourad, Omar Bakkour, Taha Baba, Ahmad Derbass, Mahmoud Layla…People I like, people that are funny, interesting and each with a personality so different but still able to bond and become friends. I couldn’t imagine any other way these people could have met or formed such a successful group without the ” Tripoli bonds” that united them.
there may be other  names I forgot to mention, faces I saw, people I met..but the point is this: No matter how many times I went on these trips and observed the same scenery, each trip I had new people to meet, new experiences to live , new anecdotes to tell..And this is why I still attend these events.