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My Passions: Reading

I only just noticed that even though reading is my greatest passion in life, I’ve never mentioned it in any of my posts!

Reading for me is not a pass-time, or something to do when I can’t do anything.. It’s not a hobby, or a homework. For me, Reading is a need! It is one of the vital functions that I MUST do everyday or I can’t function!

It started during my early years at school. I was this tough tomboy who had little friends and even less interests in “girly” games or toys. I discovered the world of Books and was fascinated with the treasures that were hidden so innocently in between their covers. I read all the time, everywhere! I read when it was allowed and when it wasn’t: I read in class, during social visits, under tables, in bed. I read hungrily and insatiably. I read every single book in our school library, every book we had at home and  everywhere I can think of.

Then, I grew a habit of reading before I slept in bed and before I knew it, I was unable to sleep if I didn’t read! It was a disaster when I had to sleep at grandma’s and she had no books there! I remember once reading the phone book’s information page just to be able to sleep!

Another “book episode” happened when I was in my early teenage years and I found a forgotten copy of “Lolita” at my grandma’s place under something. I thought it was my version of a lost treasure. I was reading it for the second time (something I often do when I don’t understand the meanings) when I was discovered by my mother. She took the book away, investigated with me for half an hour just to know where I got it from and was upset with me because I hadn’t asked for permission to read it. At the end of that day, we came up with a deal: from that day on, every books I read, she should know. A few years later, she lost track. but by that time, I was old enough to know the difference between life in books and in real life. You see, no matter how “real” the book is, it’s not!

Books are my best friends, they are full of emotions, characters, information, relationships and life that they can fill up the emptiness I feel on most days. They are faithful, constant, and dependable. I am never alone when I have a book, I am content.I know it seems pathetic, but it’s not. It’s a passion that makes my life rich and wonderful.

What strikes me as sad is that most people don’t read anymore, not even the signs, not even the news, not even the status on Facebook if it says “read more”..  Only the true readers would reach this part of my post: Congratulations guys! count yourselves as the lucky few left on the face of this earth.. Do you recommend any books btw??