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The Teacher’s Diary: Teacher’s Day 2013

I love teaching. I love my students. Every one of them! Even the ones I hate, I love! It’s a burden, but it’s true.

Each year, it’s a sense of loss I feel when I say goodbye to my class; and each year, I feel am losing a very important part of me!

I have a theory you see: I am positive that students can sense when they are loved. They respond to that, and the outcome is always amazing!

You feel the sense of accomplishment and triumph each time you play even the tiniest role in modeling a student’s mind and personality, because you know that even as the student is growing up and forgetting about you, he still has that part you gave him, that part of you.

This year’s gifts were sweet, all of them. But there’s always those precious ones that still make me smile whenever I think about them; not the gifts themselves, but the sweet words that went with them:

The note from a grade 5 student, was so sweet it almost made me cry (well my eyes did water up a bit!). He sweetly explained to me how much he loves me, using the terms he had learned in class this year.

Another made me laugh hard (it still does) because it was from a student in grade 8 (unusual I know) who tried to be a poet and said that joy enters his class whenever I did!!!

There’s that girl who wrote me a not saying she loves me as her mother and it feels great! even though she would grow and forget, even though she will not remember my name: I touched her soul!

A card and a small gesture meant the world to me and it came from two people I didn’t even teach!!

I am grateful, proud and happy. I am satisfied. I must have been doing something right to deserve this and it feels great!

Thank you!


The Teacher’s Diary: Spring-Stress-Syndrome..

It’s not winter anymore.. It’s neither summer. No, it’s the sweet season in between, where the sun is warm but not scorching, where the air is still fresh but the roads are not wet, where the skies are blue but not without the lovely shade of a passing cloud from time to time… That’s about all I like about Spring!

Teachers know quite well how stressful this season is.. Not only do we have the semester tests to prepare then correct, and averages to calculate, but students also become out of control! They think the season is too nice for them to study.. What’s sad is that we share the same feelings but must act as duty demands. That’s one more reason to become stressed out!

Furthermore, the semester break is also not that relaxing.. The Reason: School Trips. The school plans these yearly and we are asked to chaperone students for a long day of watching, scolding, entertaining and pampering… Stress is an understatement here!

For all of this, and more, teachers get the SSS or Spring-Stress-Syndrome. You can notice it easily in their eyes and the way they move.. We become easily emotional over the simplest of things.. We over react when students do something we would have overlooked a month ago.. We exaggerate when we deal with fellow teachers and become extremely sensitive to noise and high voices (except our own!).

Let me tell you how to identify SSS:

-The “Puff” is the easiest of the symptoms: each puff of those is guaranteed to blow off a house!

-The “Eye-rolling” every time we are asked to do something extra: enough already!

– The “Over-bright smiles” to cover up the upcoming or current depression..

– The “I’m tired” phrase that you hear yourself say more than once during the day.. Even if not asked!

To sum up, I feel I’m tired just now when I finished reading what I wrote so I’m going to move to the next task on my list..

Our only consolation: Spring is only three months!


You might have heard of the morning sickness, but this has nothing to do with that. In fact, this type of behavior is something quite specialized to my family. It is actually the emergency-like state that comes every morning.Even thought it’s usually my sister Mimi that does this kind of behavior, I don’t blame her completely. My father and mother practiced it so many times when we were young (and still do) that I think it became a part of her personality.
Needless to say, I always am reluctant to leave my bed every morning to go to school.. that’s normal and I think no one would feel differently.
but on top of that, there is this neurotic behavior that I have to endure from my sister each morning that gets on my nerves:
It starts with hurrying me up “yalla t2ekharna” every time she bumps into me during the morning.
Next, comes the angry attitude I get if or when I forget something I need to get, the “puff” she makes can move mountains!
Then, at the door ,which she always reaches first, I get the “look” that can freeze you to the ground (if not immunized like me).
The final stage comes after reaching school when we always, ALWAYS, arrive late no matter what the time is! “Shefti? t2ekharna”.

I must add that I DON’T have to be there that early and sometimes I even have free periods in the morning!

But that’s not the end of it I’m afraid, because if you think about it there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be on time and pushing people to do so (never mind the way). the problem is that this behavior is imprinted in her so deeply that it happens no matter the time or the place we wanted to go: afternoon walk or evening visit,even a trip to the market! I mean, who has to be “on time” for a walk!!!

What I enjoy watching every time is when my dad or mum and my sister have the same “condition” at the same time. Trust me, a million dollar scene happens where the stares, the comments and the angry gestures clash in a giant loss of temper.

When in vacation such as this one, I enjoy waking up in the morning because there is no rush to prevent an angry comment or a raging stare.
If you have witnessed this kind of behavior, you have my sympathy. If not, consider yourself lucky!