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My food diary: Day 9

I prepared some green peas with carrots and onions, a steak and one mashed potato.. Delicious!



My food diary: Day 8

I tried something different with my steak today..cut it into long stripes and marinated them in a special combination with vinegar and spices.. a tomato and some onions for garnish and grilled them in the oven.. it looked and tasted well, close enough to that of lebanese shawerma.. nicely done don’t you think?


My food diary: Day 7

It’s sunday.. BBQ day! I decided to grill a piece of steak, some potato, tomato, and onions.


My food diary: Day 5

Today’s menu was simple but quite satisfying: a piece of steak, some green beens cooked with onion, garlic, and fresh tomatoes, a special cucumber salad with vinegar, garlic, and dried mint and a classical fresh salad on the side.


My food diary: Day 2

For lunch, I prepared some rice today with vegetables and had a steak pan grilled with spices. Laban was a great addition to my meal 🙂