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My Passions: TV

I am part of the generation that considered TV a great distraction! Way back when we were kids, the time we spent watching TV was sacred: we used to wait with impatience the “train” on the Syrian Channel because it took us to the kids zone.. So when the time came, and it started chew- chewing itself away, I couldn’t help a feeling of loss..

Years later, watching TV became one of my favorite pass-times. And just as I was becoming older and more mature, so grew my fondness for the TV and my taste. I enjoyed the wide variety of channels that the new technology provided. I especially liked the Documentaries and Special reports on Discovery Channel and National Geographic. But to be quite honest, my greatest passion was, and still is, movies!

I used to watch them so passionately that I became a walking, talking encyclopedia. There rarely was any movie that featured on TV that I haven’t seen. It did not matter back then what was the genre of the movie: Action, Thriller, Horror, Social, Romance…  I watched them all the same.

Now, My passion for movies remains intact, but my taste is much more elaborate. To keep it simple, I no longer buy it!

If the movie is trying to scare me, it better be good or i’ll move on. If romance is the idea, I’ll buy none of the empty words: actions do speak louder than words..

My philosophy about movies does not include a huge admiration of how “real” the movie is, but how convincing.. If people wanted real life, they don’t have to see it on TV!

But people are not stupid: you come up with an idea, you better test how credible you can make it. I’ve learnt for some time now to  differentiate between bad movies and great ones: the only true difference that matters is the amount of research provided for the events and characters of the movie..who plays the role after that is important, but not THAT important..

A few days ago, I watched an old time favorite movie of mine, Vanity Fair, and what shocked me is how less I liked it after listening to Hakim’s song ” Essalamou Alikouuu” featuring in a movie who was discussing events at least a century older.. OK, I admit, not a lot of Americans would know the difference but I did and it changes something in the movie…

This is my message to all of you “great” producers out there… Stop underestimating your viewers: We’re not stupid and we’ve seen it all  before.. Be creative or just stop making movies!