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A walk to remember…

No. Not the movie. It’s about the simple but quite meaningful walk I enjoyed today.

I am now the sad victim of an obligatory preventive diet: I exceeded the “limit” with my weight and I am on the verge of obesity.Today was the awful “Day 1” and I will not say it was awful because, quite surprisingly, it went well.

The thing about this diet is not the symbolic amount of food I have every meal, but rather the exercise part that is mandatory for its success. Not that I am the sloth type, I consider myself an active person, but what bothers me is the fact that I HAVE TO walk for 45 minutes everyday no matter how tired or unwell  I feel! THAT is the worst part.. at least this is what I thought before my lovely little walk today.

WhenI finished my “rich” meal at lunch, I felt like I didn’t eat at all!! I knew that if I stayed home, I would have a hard time resisting a heavenly bite of the sweet delicious white bread. So I decided to go for “The Walk”. It was the first time I ‘d walk on my own – and I was ok with it!

When I reached the cornish (sea side), I was surprised to find it deserted! No one likes to see the real face of the sea! I was glad to have my moment alone with the sea: the waves were high, the sun no where in sight- probably enjoying a snack behind a cloud (the traitor:@) and the wind enveloping and caressing …

Each step revealed a magnificent view: the angry sea smashing waves into the rocks with so much strength that I felt it was a message: The sea understood!!! It understood how I felt perfectly and expressed itself far more eloquently than I would have ever done!!

I was relieved: it seemed to wash away the last traces of doubt that still haunted me.. I’m going to be fine, I’ll survive!

I like to think that this walk was magical.It healed me. I enjoyed it to the point that I actually agreed to walk a second time with my sister! Picture that!! well, we did! I leave you with the photos we took, and maybe-just maybe- you might capture a bit of that magic too.